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Business Promotion Department

This department creates mechanisms to grow the company.

Together with the CEO, you will develop and implement business strategies, product plans, and sales plans.

A startup company that is constantly on the move requires flexible thinking and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Business Promotion Department

Business Content

Planning and implementation of business strategies

✓ Product planning and implementation

✓ Planning and implementation of sales plans

✓ Accounting

✓ Personnel and labor affairs


The appeal of Piezo Sonic's Business Promotion Department

At Piezo Sonic, you can work on creating products and services from scratch.

Many of our projects involve collaboration with prefectural and ward governments as well as large corporations, and you will acquire the skills to coordinate between multiple companies and make accurate reports.

As we are a young company, you will have the opportunity to experience working on multiple tasks at the same time.

When I compare myself now with who I was six months ago, I can confidently explain my growth to my family.

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