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Marketing Department

This department creates a system to help customers learn about our products and services.

The Marketing Department analyzes and researches market needs and advertises our products and services.
We also prepare for events such as exhibitions and create videos, catalogs and posters for new products.
Multitasking is required, such as summarizing research results and thinking up PR methods.

Marketing Department

Business Content

Market research and analysis

✓ Posting on social media and creating blogs

✓ Web management and access analysis

✓ Email notifications etc.

✓ Product and service video creation

The appeal of Piezo Sonic's marketing department

You can develop your marketing skills at a fast-growing startup company.

We can act as a liaison office for events and exhibitions in collaboration with prefectural and ward governments and major companies, and can participate in promotions involving large numbers of people.

As a member of Piezo Sonic's product and service development team, you can contribute your opinions to planning and product development.

You will gain experience in working on multiple tasks at the same time, and you will be able to confidently explain your personal growth to your family.

✓ Product catalog and flyer creation

✓ Exhibition preparation

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