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Production department

This department creates "attractive products that customers will want to use."

At Piezo Sonic, the processing of parts is basically done by partner manufacturers. Therefore, the manufacturing department inspects, finishes, and assembles the parts that arrive.

At Piezo Sonic, there are no repetitive tasks in the process.

Motor assembly involves many delicate tasks that require careful work, but when it comes to new products designed by the Technology and Development Department, our opinions are actively reflected in the assembly methods.
The sense of fulfillment that comes from assembling and bringing to life new products designed by the Technology and Development Department is a privilege only available to the Manufacturing Department.

Production department

Business Content

​✓ Product assembly work

✓ Light sanding work

✓ Light painting work

✓ Exhibition support

​Piezo Sonicの製造部の魅力

You can experience speedy manufacturing through a co-creation system with cooperating manufacturers.

In addition to manufacturing motors, we also assemble and manufacture our own robots and custom products for customers, so you will be involved in a wide variety of manufacturing projects.

As a member of the manufacturing team for Piezo Sonic products and services, the products you assemble will be delivered to customers, and you will be involved in the development of new products based on their feedback.

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