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At Piezo Sonic, we inspect parts during the inventory, manufacturing process, and shipping.
We believe this is an important opportunity to improve the quality of our parts and products.

Quality inspection from the perspective of research and development

Piezo Sonic Inspection Features

Features of Piezo Sonic Inspections

We would like to introduce the features of Piezo Sonic testing.


The components of a piezo motor are manufactured with extremely high precision.
When products are received, we inspect them to make sure that they meet the highest standards of precision, not just for motor parts, but for robots and products used in our consulting development services.




In addition to incoming inspections, we also conduct visual inspections of all parts used in product assembly.
For parts that have scratches that could affect the quality of the product, we also separate them at this stage and try to carry out assembly work with as little rework as possible.

Visual inspection before assembly


We not only inspect motors, for which assembly procedures have been established, but also use a tester to perform voltage checks and functionality tests during the product assembly process for robots and parts manufactured by our consulting development services.

Inspection during assembly

Piezo Sonic's Commitment to Product Creation

Piezo Sonic's commitment to product manufacturing

During incoming inspections, not only are dimensions checked, but also external inspections are conducted to check for protrusions, burrs, scratches, scratches, bends, bumps, abrasions, chips, streaks, gloss, unevenness, deterioration and the attachment of foreign matter. By paying attention not only to the presence or absence of dimensional deviations and scratches that affect product performance, but also to abrasions, gloss and unevenness that affect design, we aim to improve quality in the manufacturing and packaging processes.

In addition, for any defects found, we work with our partner manufacturers to investigate the cause of the defect and take measures to prevent the occurrence of defects in the future. We also review the design data and manufacturing processes of parts and products to prevent excessive quality and prevent cost increases from increasing the number of processes.


Product Inspection

During shipping inspection, we pay close attention to standards set for appearance inspection, such as scratches, bumps, rubbing, and the attachment of foreign matter.
In addition, we age all motors and drive products before testing them for characteristics such as torque and current consumption, as well as for abnormal noise and drive sounds.

Even after product shipment, we contact customers on a regular basis to detect defects early and provide feedback on issues to be addressed in future products.
For solutions regarding the use of piezosonic motors and how to use products developed through our consulting development services,
We support domestic and international customers by utilizing online meetings and other methods.

Post-shipment consultation

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