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Sales Department

This department "creates" customer success by helping customers solve their problems through the products and services we sell to them.

For us as a startup, we want customers who use our products and services and do business with us on an ongoing basis.
It is important for us to acquire partner companies that can back up our company.

As technical sales staff, the sales department staff are expected to understand the products and services created by the Technology & Development Department and Manufacturing Department more in-depth than anyone else, and to propose problem-solving methods to customers.

The system is set up so that the results of solving customer problems are evaluated as individual achievements,
Another feature of the sales department is that high performance is greatly reflected in your compensation.

Sales Department

Business Content

Inquiry into customer issues

✓ Consider solutions to customer problems

✓ Replying to follow-up emails to customers

✓ Participate in exhibitions as technical sales representative

The appeal of Piezo Sonic's sales

You will be able to explain to customers in your own words the products and services created by rapidly growing startup companies.

We act as a direct contact point for our customers and can support them in finding solutions to the diverse issues that differ from one customer to the next.

Cases resolved using Piezo Sonic products and services will be evaluated as individual achievements.

I can feed my opinions back into planning and product development, and I can confidently explain my own and the company's growth to my family.

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