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Technology and Development Department

"Create" new products that will impress customers, and the systems for manufacturing those products.

This department is a symbol of Piezo Sonic's unique style of creating something from nothing.
We handle everything from hardware to software development.
We realize each project through "co-creation" and "scrum" between our company and partner manufacturers.

It is difficult to achieve a perfect solution to a complex problem in one go.
We provide engineers with solutions that are ready for evaluation quickly.
We need adaptive solutions that learn and improve.

Technology and Development Department

Business Content

​✓ ​Improvement and development of piezosonic motors

✓ Development of application devices using motors

✓ Mobile robot design and hardware design

✓ Design of mobile robot main body software and server software

✓ Product and service video creation

The appeal of Piezo Sonic's Technology and Development Department

You will have the opportunity to work on both hardware and software development at a fast-growing startup company and hone your development skills.

You can work with customers and engineers from partner manufacturers to develop in-house designs and custom products for customers.

As a member of Piezo Sonic's product and service development team, you will be able to have your say in product development.

You will gain experience in working on multiple tasks at the same time, and you will be able to confidently explain your personal growth to your family.

✓ Product catalog and flyer creation

✓ Exhibition preparation

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