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Operations department

Business Division Introduction



Piezo Sonic supports people's lives with motor and robotics technology.
Our goal is to create a society where people can enjoy life even if they are injured or ill.

Our main business is the development of piezo-sonic motors, which our company president has been researching and developing for over 27 years: zero-power motors that can maintain posture,

We develop, manufacture, and sell motors that are ideal for robots and medical equipment.
In addition, as a new way of manufacturing by engineers who are good at creating something from nothing,
We develop, manufacture and sell autonomous mobile robots and custom products that apply lunar exploration robot technology.







Mutual cooperation

sense of unity

"Co-creation" capabilities

Response Ability

Technical capabilities

Piezo Sonic


Partner companies

Partner manufacturers




Piezo Sonic's business structure

- Business structure

Piezo Sonic Organization Chart

- Organization chart


Business Promotion Department

Marketing Department

Technology and Development Department

Production department

Sales Department

Piezo Sonic has five divisions

We have a Business Promotion Department that handles planning and general administrative tasks, a Marketing Department that conducts research and PR activities, an Technology and Development Department that works on developing new products that are the core of Piezo Sonic, a Manufacturing Department that manufactures and assembles motors and robots, and a Sales Department that works to get customers to become fans of Piezo Sonic products.

We work together across departments to get the job done

At Piezo Sonic, each employee in the same department is responsible for a different task and works as a team.

Speedy and discretionary decision-making is possible

Startups have limited time and budgets, so a flexible and independent organization is essential to develop and release products that are superior to other companies.
There are many times when time runs out while waiting for instructions from your boss.
At Piezo Sonic, we have built a holacracy-style organization where employees share information and set clear priorities so that everyone is working toward the same goal, allowing each department, team, and individual to make decisions.
This is the perfect system for those who are attracted to a job where each employee has greater discretion along with responsibility and can work independently.

Business Division Introduction

- Department

The main duties of the Business Promotion Department are to develop and implement corporate planning, product planning, service planning, and sales planning.

In addition to deciding the company's milestones, my duties also include sales activities and executive duties. Because I am in charge of executing plans, I can respond flexibly to the situations of both customers and the company, which is the source of Piezo Sonic's speedy action.

"Create" a "system to grow the company"

Business Promotion Department

The Marketing Department's main duties are to analyze and research market needs, provide feedback to the Business Promotion Department, and develop advertising strategies suitable for products and services.

In addition to online tasks such as SNS and blog creation, web management, access analysis, and email notifications, we also carry out offline tasks such as catalog design, creating videos that can be viewed on YouTube, and preparing for exhibitions.

Marketing Department

"Create a system to let customers know about our products and services"

The Technology and Development Department is the symbol of Piezo Sonic's spirit of "creating something from nothing."

From hardware to software, we develop products in a collaborative system between our company and partner manufacturers. As the company president is an engineer, he encourages engineers to proactively take on new technology challenges. We also brush up on existing technologies on a daily basis, and have a system in place that allows us to complete a prototype in as little as one day, from design to production.

Technology and Development Department

"Create" new products that will impress customers and the systems for manufacturing them.

The main duties of the Manufacturing Department are assembling and inspecting parts produced by partner manufacturers, as well as assembling and finishing products created using our in-house 3D printers and laser cutters.

Although piezosonic motors are mass-produced, they require delicate processes for assembly and inspection, and we have established a unique manufacturing system in cooperation with the Technology and Development Department. In addition, the role of the Manufacturing Department is to support the Technology and Development Department in the manufacture of new robots and customized products for customers, thereby realizing speedy manufacturing.

"Create" "attractive products that customers want to use"

Production department

The role of the sales department is to follow up with existing customers and promote products and services to new customers, and to work hard to gain more Piezo Sonic fans.

Rather than simply selling our products, we show customers how our products and services can solve their problems and requests, and help them consider introducing them.

The opinions and requests obtained through interviews with customers are fed back to the Business Promotion Department and Marketing Department, and a major role of the Sales Department is to keep the PDCA cycle going as a manufacturing company.

"Create" customer success through the products and services you sell

Sales Department



Starting tomorrow, you too can become a “Creator.”
Would you like to join us in creating a "product that will change society through teamwork"?

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