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Mighty is useful in a variety of situations

The test course for the autonomous mobile transport robot Mighty has been completed!


Through our capital and business alliance with Kanda Kogyo Co., Ltd., we have been able to share technology and equipment with our partner factories, enabling us to realize innovative initiatives.


Enabling the future of logistics and services

Autonomous mobile robot for transport

- Mighty -

Mighty will realize new logistics that are non-face-to-face and non-contact, with features such as automated transport, multiple collaboration, and following driving.

This will reduce the number of people required for logistics not only in logistics warehouses, but also in shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Cruising distance


maximum speed


Towing capacity


Radius: about 3km






Maximum load capacity: 30kg

(440mm x 390mm x 500mm)

Maximum towing weight 200kg

Maximum inclination 15°

Overcoming steps up to 15cm


* When the battery is fully charged

*This may decrease depending on the ambient temperature and load.

Operating time: 4 to 8 hours Range: 5 km radius

Autonomous driving and remote control possible

Rotate the tire 90 degrees
Sideways movement possible

Rotate the tire 45 degrees
Can turn on the spot

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Transportation: Scalability of Mighty

Expansion and application in everyday life

Work support/farm support

Security and Investigation

The robot can also guard the interior of buildings while being transported. Its high off-road capabilities mean it can travel over rubble, making it ideal for investigating disaster sites in place of humans.

By adding robotic arms and environmental sensors, it is expected that it will be possible to work alongside humans and automate tasks such as soil surveys, growth observation, and harvesting/harvesting.

It is expected that it will also be used as a mobile unit for robots that aim to communicate with people. It can be equipped with a heat retention/refrigeration module to transport food and dishes.

Patrolling within hospitals and facilities

Life support through luggage transport

Farm work support

By entrusting the transportation of materials and equipment within the factory to Mighty, it is possible to reduce the number of people required for transportation and eliminate wasted time.
Mighty's unique feature is that it can travel on uneven roads and in narrow passages.

Factory transportation support

Mighty supports the transport of equipment, meals, and medicines in hospitals and nursing homes, where flexible response is required.In addition, by having one unit perform multiple roles, such as patrolling the facility and disinfecting and sanitizing corridors and handrails, it is expected to help with manpower shortages.


Mighty allows for the transportation of harvested crops and the constant monitoring of crop growth status based on GPS coordinates.
It can also be used as a device to obtain useful data related to agriculture.

By utilizing its autonomous driving and following driving functions, it can be used to carry heavy loads such as water on behalf of people or as a guide within a facility.

We can expect them to play an active role as robots that support our lives in the future.





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